• Keli Hay

On the Road in 2020

At AOS we love to get out amongst the office workers. Because of our previous work life and relationships, we tend to migrate to the common tech worker…working ~60 hours in an office or on the road.

2019 - The Inaugural Year

The first couple of years at AOS was focused on us - building our brand and working with our clients. In early 2019, we decided to wanted to do more. We wanted to give back to our former love of tech. Recognizing our presentation topics might not hit a key with every conference, we submitted to many small and large to see who would bite. Happily, we hit the road in Texas and presented at Security Bsides Austin and the Houston Security Conference. In both presentations we tackled the excuses we hear from many of our clients around living an unhealthy, inactive lifestyle.

2020 - The Continuation

Additionally this year, while we are very happy to rejoin the Houston Security Conference on May 6th and 7th, we are excited to also be going north of the border. Details to come!!!

Similar to last year, we are going to deal with excuses. This year, however, we are tackling two items in particular - working from home and road travel. Abstract as follows…

In this presentation, Keli tackles the excuses people have for living an inactive, unhealthy lifestyle - focusing mainly on the remote and road warriors of InfoSec. Keli will prove that life not only doesn't have to be unhealthy or lonely, but it can actually be healthier! Using items in the room at the conference, Keli will have everyone up and moving - proving that a tech life spent in an office or conference room doesn't have to result in an office bod.

If you would like AOS to attend an event, company function, or simply come to speak with a group of people about living a healthy lifestyle, reach out and speak with us!

Email: alloverstrong@gmail.com Phone: 512-710-7773

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