About Us

Back in March 2016, Keli Hay started on her own journey. A journey that started out of frustration and self pity.

The trigger for the journey was the black and white photo. Keli was embarrassed of what she had become. She was also disgusted with herself. Three weeks after the picture was taken, she joined a gym and started working with a personal trainer. Over the course of 11 months, she lost over 100 pounds. At her lightest weight, she was down 120 pounds.


Since shedding the weight, Keli quit the tech life and became a certified personal trainer. She has authored a book about her journey and now speaks at conferences about healthy living.

Keli is now a USPA certified powerlifting coach and weight loss coach. She has completed many additional certifications including weight lifting coaching, Kettlebell, TRX suspension, and pre/post natal to help an array of clients.


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